Family Immersion Time (FIT Program)

Family Immersion Time is a revolutionary approach to family relationships coaching.

When you see a therapist at their office and in timed sessions, the short interactions make it difficult to pinpoint the real issues other than the obviously outspoken ones, and much harder to actually fix them.

FIT works just the opposite. Families in the program spend extensive time with me as they learn to align their goals and values and live a happier and more fulfilled personal, professional and family life.

After admission into the program, every member of the family gets to live their normal life (with a little help) as they learn new coping mechanisms, improve their emotional intelligence and become more conscious and resourceful humans together.

Immersion programs are available in 2 and 4-week blocks and are subject to a short application process and availability in your geographical location. Please inquire by calling 305-697-8277 or emailing